Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Virginia Beach Education Foundation do?

A: The Foundation raises funds and in-kind donations to benefit Virginia Beach City Public Schools students and staff through tax-deductible donations, gifts, bequests and the like. The Foundation then awards grants to teachers who submit applications for their innovative and creative learning programs. In addition, the Education Foundation manages The House Students Built, which is a project that provides hands-on work experience for juniors and seniors in the construction trades.

Q: Why was the VB Education Foundation established?

A: The Foundation was established in 1991 to partner business resources with Technical and Career Education programs in our schools. Because of its success, the Foundation expanded in 1995 to include all students, K-12, in all academic, technical and career disciplines.

Q: How is the VB Education Foundation funded?

A: Community commitment to public education makes the Foundation possible. Citizens, parents, business professionals, military personnel and more contribute to the Foundation through a myriad of ways. The Foundation benefits from direct contributions of money, goods and services; fund-raising efforts; Foundation events and United Way designations; among other sources.

Q: Who decides how Foundation funds are spent?

A: The Virginia Beach Education Foundation Board of Directors, comprised of 30 community leaders, approves all expenditures from the Foundation. They are responsible for screening funding proposals and are the final arbiters in decisions regarding Foundation resources. All Foundation monies go directly back to Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Operational costs for the Foundation are very low (less than 5 percent) as many expenses are underwritten by individual and business contributions.

Q: How is the Foundation making a difference for students?

A: Continuous improvement is the watchword. The Foundation provides monies and equipment for many "extras" inside and outside the classroom for all of our children, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our students today are our leaders tomorrow. The mission of the Foundation is to ensure our students have every possible advantage for success. We make a difference today, so they can make a difference tomorrow.

Q: How is the Foundation making a difference for teachers?

A: Through the use of Foundation grants, teachers are able to implement creative and innovative learning plans that might otherwise not be possible due to budget constraints.

Q: How is the Foundation making a difference for the community?

A: The economic vitality and quality of life in a community are directly linked to the quality of the education system. Partnerships promote prosperity, and the public education of residents becomes the backbone of the future workforce.

Q: Can anyone else mandate how the money is used?

A: No. Virginia Beach Education Foundation funds are totally separate from the school division. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a discrete entity unto itself.

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