VBEF Board members share why they volunteer their time.

H. Frank Malbon, past-president
Tidewater Home Funding, LLC

Strong belief in attempting to raise private sector funds to fund grants for public school teachers. Since all three of my children have been publically educated, I have seen the results that can be achieved. We all need to work together in achieving our mission.

Rob Broermann, president
CFO, Sentara Healthcare

I, my wife and my children are all products of Virginia Beach Public Schools. We are blessed to have such a great public school system in Virginia Beach. Serving the Foundation is small token of my gratitude.

Kevin Hill, president elect
Member Wealth Management

I am thrilled to be working with the Virginia Beach Education Foundation. The foundation supports the teachers and students who feel that the set standards are not enough. I want to be a part of group that promotes education growth, helps raise the bar, and supports those who are willing to put in the extra effort.

Nelson Adcock, past-president
GeoEnvironmental Resources, Inc.

I am proud to be a member of the Virginia Beach Education Foundation Board. Maintaining a high quality public education system is vital to the growth of our community. Being a member of this organization allows me to invest my time and talents to help shape the future.

Sandy Bowie
Community Leader

I want to help teachers and students to enhance and improve their learning environment. As a former teacher, I understand the needs.

Ramon W. Breeden, Jr.
The Breeden Company, Inc.

Serving as a board member of the Virginia Beach Education Foundation has allowed me to continue to support creative learning programs and other academic initiatives for the students of Virginia Beach City Public Schools and reward educational excellence.

Monica Curry
Real Estate Agent

I've worked with Virginia Beach City Public Schools' technology programs for the last 14 years. Technology is my passion and encouraging students to embrace it has been my goal. Joining the Virginia Beach Education Foundation board enables me to further support students in Virginia Beach to grow their technology skills.

Tim Faulkner
COO, The Breeden Company

The mission of awarding grants for continued student education in areas outside of the normal curriculum is so important for exceeding developmental expectation in the school system.

Joe Flanagan

I got to know the Virginia Beach Education Foundation from years of serving as MC (Master of Ceremonies) for their teacher grants awards program, TGIF Celebration. I've also been impressed with the board's passion to serve teachers and the dedication and hard work of the teachers where my three children attended schools. Contributing to the foundation is time and money well spent.

Duane M. Harver, secretary
CEO RRMM Architects

RRMM Architects has been designing new schools in Virginia Beach for many years. Being a board member gives me the opportunity to show my appreciation for that work by giving back through my time, attention and resources. To our firm, the students are the ones we ultimately serve. Board service gives me more direct access to student learning in Virginia Beach Schools.

Mike Loflin
Realtor, Coldwell Banker Professional Realtors

As a parent I have seen first hand the benefits of the VBEF in my own childs life. As a member of the community, I feel an obligation to give back to the kids!

George G. MacDonald, Jr.
Managing Dir., Investments of MacDonald & Ingram Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

I'm proud to be a member of the Virginia Beach Education Foundation because I've seen the good that the foundation has done throughout the division. It's such a blessing to see new programs implemented and knowing that the Foundation has a part in it.

Sheila S. Magula
Past-Superintendent, VBCPS

Knowing the school division cannot support financially all the great ideas, I want to help the Foundation Board with fundraising and with processes to enable teachers to move forward with implementation. The conversation with, and excitement of, students participating in these projects and activities indicate that the Foundation is having a long-term positive impact on student growth and learning.

John Mazach, treasurer
Community Leader

Having spent 30+ years in the Navy and 10 years in the shipbuilding industry, I learned the importance of a solid education particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) at an early age (pre college/university). I also have a daughter who teaches in the Virginia Beach school system and a son-in-law who is a principal in the same system and I am interested in what they do.

Debbie Nadiran
Territory Manager, Lifetouch

I have worked as a Partner in Education with the school division for 33 years. In that role, I was able to see the direct benefit of community involvement in our schools and the positive experiences students receive because of the program. As a board member with the Virginia Beach Education Foundation, I have the opportunity to further benefit the school division and the great work that is done in our schools on behalf of our students and community.

Tony Pirrone
Quality Stone Concepts

I am a firm believer that education is one's most important assets. In order to empower our students, we must empower those that are passionate about teaching. The VBEF does just that, by providing grants for teachers who seek to educate above and beyond the required minimum, thereby giving the best possible education.

Harry R. Purkey, Jr.
Harry R. Purkey, Jr., PC

To help make the Virginia Beach Public Schools one of the best public school systems in the country.

Laura Riley

It's the perfect opportunity to give back to the teachers and students in Virginia Beach. By creating partnerships within the business community, VBEF is able to provide additional funds for scholarships and grants so ALL students are exposed to innovative, creative and hands-on learning. We are positively impacting the next generation to excel in their educational development.

Dr. Patricia (Patsy) Slaughter
Retired Principal

Teachers who give so much, are excited whenever they apply for a grant. It is this creativity and willingness to give additional time that motivated me to become a Foundation Board Member. What can I do to increase the number of grants? How can I best help talented teachers to foster new ideas and means for students to learn? As a Board member, I felt privileged to work with so many talented members who are endless in giving of their talents, time, and resources. The Foundation provides the forum for promoting winning for all.

Danny Speight
President, Speight Marshall & Francis

To serve others.

Debbie Griffey
Coordinator, Virginia Beach Education Foundation

I'm a better person when I work for a cause. It inspires me to know that students benefit from the projects and activities that teachers are designing and we are funding. I want more people to reap the rewards of helping our students achieve success in whatever they do.

Beverly Anderson
Chairwoman, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

I am always interested in ways to make our school system better. The Virginia Beach Education Foundation continues to help our schools excel by providing financial grants to teachers. The grants have proven to enhance the curriculum in our division by enabling many of our teachers to be innovative and creative with projects that otherwise would not have been funded through the general budget of our school division. I am proud to help the Education Foundation continue its efforts to provide additional funding by awarding grants to our teachers.

Tony Arnold
Exec. Dir. Of Facilities Services

I have really enjoyed working with the Virginia Beach Education Foundation's The House Students Built program over the years. This program launched our Education Foundation and continues to demonstrate our commitment to students and teacher in Virginia Beach. Our community has such a demand in the construction industry for skilled trades in today's economy; these house projects have helped produce future plumbers, electricians, bricklayers and other young craftsmen over the years.

Dan Edwards
Virginia Beach School Board

In my 14th year as Board Chairman for Virginia Beach City Public Schools, I am well aware of the incredible things the Foundation has done for our staff and ultimately our students. I am pleased to assist the Foundation Board in any way I can in furthering their efforts on behalf of our schools.

Janene K. Gorham
Director, Center for Teacher Leadership, VBCPS

I directly benefitted from the work of the Education Foundation as a Building Futures grant recipient and know firsthand the impact that the program has bringing instructional projects to fruition. Serving on the board allows me the opportunity to build awareness and increase capacity for innovative instruction in our schools.

Patti T. Jenkins
Principal, Kempsville Middle School

Being a part of the VBEF is an opportunity to work alongside other professionals in order to support innovative and creative educators. As an administrator in this division, I appreciate every chance to celebrate achievements of our students and teachers!

Amber Rach, Ph.D.
Director, Community Engagement, VBCPS

Yeats said, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." The VBEF fuels that fire for students by working with philanthropic community members and business and civic leaders to support teachers' innovative initiatives that broaden students' educational opportunities and enrich their future career and civic activities.

Aaron Spence
Superintendent, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

As Superintendent I proudly work with the foundation because I understand the powerful, lasting impact strong partnerships have in our schools. Beyond generating financial resources for teachers, the foundation creates a sense of ownership across our city with leaders from every sector joining together to make a difference for every student, every day.

Charlie Cortellini, past-president
Massimo-Zanetti Beverage USA

Supporting our community should be paramount to everyone. Supporting our teachers and school system is probably the single most important ingredient in that statement. The process of being apolitical and unbiased makes this almost the perfect program.

Chris Ettel, past-president
VB Homes

I am committed to making a difference in the lives of the teachers and students of the Virginia Beach Schools by providing them "real world" learning opportunities in the residential construction industry.

Debi Gray, past-president
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Bill Kamarek
Electronic Systems, Inc.

John Langlois
Tele-Video Productions & Advertising Agency

Jane M. Purrington
Community Leader

I began my career as a public school teacher and felt it was my niche. The Virginia Beach Education Foundation seemed an excellent way to continue to serve and maintain contact with the field of education after retirement.

Neil L. Rose, past-president
Willcox & Savage, PC

Upon finishing my two terms on School Board, I found the Foundation to be a great way to continue to give back to the public school system to try and help repay the opportunity I was given to be successful through the quality, free public education that met my educational needs.

Mike Ross, past-president
HBA Architecture & Interior Design

I wanted to be part of a driving force behind promoting innovative teaching practices and processes that empower our students with the gifts of learning how to think and learning how to learn, that equip them with critical and creative thinking skills, and that awaken our childrensí intrinsic motivations for learning.

Emilie M. Tilley
Community Leader

The Virginia Beach Public Schools Foundation is all about supporting teachers who want the best education for all students in their classrooms and schools. How could I not want to be involved in such a group? The Foundation takes seriously its mission to reward excellence and fund innovative, creative programs to benefit students.

Ned Williams, past-president
William E. Wood & Associates

The Foundation, through recognition of teachers and support of unique programming, contributes significantly to the exceptional public education system that is available in Virginia Beach.

Sterling White
Principal, College Park Elementary School

Helping educators is what VBEF does! As an educator, I've always admired what the foundation has done for our educational community. Being a part of this organization was an easy choice for me. I'm just glad I was given the opportunity to serve our educators.

Board Members


Robert Broermann - President
Kevin Hill - President Elect
John Mazach - Treasurer
Duane Harver - Secretary
H. Frank Malbon - Immediate Past-President
John Barringer
Sandy Bowie
Monica Curry
Tim Faulkner
Joe Flanagan

Mike Loflin
George MacDonald
Sheila Magula
Debbie Nadiran
Harry Purkey, Jr. 
Laura Riley 
Patsy Slaughter
Danny Speight

Ex officio Members

Debbie Griffey - Coordinator
Beverly Anderson
Tony Arnold
Alice Catherman
Casey Conger
Daniel D. Edwards
Janene Gorham
Patti Jenkins
Jim Miller
Amber Rach
Aaron Spence
Sterling White


H. Nelson Adcock
Ray Breeden
Charlie Cortellini
Christopher Ettel
Debi Gray
Bill Kamarek
John Langlois
Tony Pirrone 
Jane Purrington
Neil L. Rose
Mike Ross 
Emilie Tilley
Ned Williams

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